The Aurelia Salzano brand was born from a precise vision of spontaneous, unconventional, unpredictable fashion, a generator and promoter of culture and new elegance, as an education in the beautiful and the unconventional, as a responsible and sustainable ‘modus vivendi’, based on fundamental and lasting values.

The Brand


Aurelia Salzano’s style is built on the belief that fashion should dress its essence before the body. This approach puts the person at the centre, offering fine accessories for those who love to dare, for those who accept challenges with courage, especially that of asserting their independence and uniqueness on a daily basis, as a fundamental tool for overcoming stereotypes and rigid ideas.





Aurelia Salzano translates her personal intuitions into strictly handmade accessories that clearly express her love for craftsmanship and the preciousness of the ‘handmade’, taken up in a challenge of continuous improvement through constant stylistic and material research. This research is oriented towards creating alternative solutions, with particular attention to excellence and innovation, bringing together tradition, her typically Italian know-how, bearer of unmistakable ideals such as aesthetic research, quality of raw materials, attention to details together with oriental workmanship.
All this often requires slow time, considered a fundamental resource, invested tirelessly to guarantee the highest quality in every single creative and production phase.

Thus, conscious creations are born, capable of lasting over time, which privilege the blend of contrasts, in which the fluidity of the fabrics used, especially silk, meets the rigour of constructions or the exuberance of prints and colours capable of conveying a natural combination of male and female codes.
Those of Aurelia Salzano are proposals that aim to become timeless icons, disobedient to rules and removed from the logic of passing fashions, designed for those who are not afraid of confrontation and do not waste good opportunities to dare with class, becoming ambassadors of new elegance.

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