Aurelia Salzano, a genetic mix of all the most eccentric characters in her family, is a passionate fashion designer and artisan, a tireless beauty seeker.

Born in a small Etruscan town halfway between the Amalfi Coast and the Hellenic charm of the Cilento Coast, she showed a profound creative nature and a pronounced artistic sensitivity from an early age.

As a child, she used to sew doll clothes out of her grandmother’s scraps of fabric and lace. As a teenager, for fun, she created her first brand with handmade labels.

Her curiosity to experience new things pushed her towards fashion, her great passion, which she studied at the IUAD fashion academy in Naples. Her desire to deepen her knowledge in the artistic field took her around Italy to take new courses at several academies of specialisation, where she refined and learned high-fashion and contemporary embroidery techniques.

While doing some work experiences at fast fashion companies, she strongly felt the distance between her and that kind of fashion. She thus decided to fulfill her dream and founded her own accessories brand AURELIA SALZANO.

The beauty and history of the places she lives are firm roots and nourishment for her visions, which find further sources of inspiration in favourable encounters, travel, reading and love for all forms of art. All this fuels her deep desire for affirmation and creative independence and her ambition to promote an innovative fashion concept with her insights.

Beauty is all around, Let it be your way

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